Whether your event requires a simple backdrop or the complete transformation of a resort, FBC & Associates has the experience and know-how to work with you and your Event Coordinator, ensuring that graphics are produced and installed in a timely fashion. We’ve become experts in set-up and takedown within the timeslot allowed by a third-party facility. We understand the logistics of working with a facilities management team, maintenance, and security to ensure a smooth installation and removal. FBC Innovators also understand that your graphics may not be the focal point, but rather the backdrop to the event. Whatever the impact you need, we’ll make it happen. FBC & Associates will even travel to your event. We have successfully been the primary provider of graphics for several events in Los Angeles. With printing and installation partnerships in the top 50 markets of the US, we apply the same strategies as we would at any event in South Florida. All of these details are implemented to ensure your 100% satisfaction.